• 300K Split Shaft Pot
  • 500K Push Pull For Les Paul
  • 500K Push Pull Pot
  • 250K Push Pull Pot
  • 500K Split Shaft Pot
  • 250K Solid Shaft Pot
  • 250K Split Shaft Pot
  • 300K Split Shaft Pot
  • 500K Solid Shaft Pot

CTS ® Potentiometers


Rewiring your guitar or bass? Grab some CTS® Pots to go.

500K Push-Pull Pot


Add a Sleeve?

Add a Sleeve for our Pots that are not available in a Solid Shaft functionality.

Your one-stop-shop for wiring.

We have a good amount of pots in stock – grab some for your current or next project! All our pots are made from CTS and include hardware: Lock Washer, Flat Washer, and Hex Nut.

  • Use 250K Pots for Single-Coil-Equipped guitars. 250K Pots give your guitar a slightly darker tone.
  • Use 500K Pots for Humbucker-Equipped Guitars. These pots will not limit highs from passing through, and are ideal for a darker sounding humbucker.

250K Solid Shaft, 250K Split Shaft, 250K Split Shaft Push/Pull, 300K Split Shaft, 500K Solid Shaft, 500K Split Shaft, 500K Split Shaft Push Pull (For Les Paul), 500K Split Shaft Push/Pull



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