Lindy Fralin Strat Neck

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These necks are all rock maple, 9 1/2 inch radius, medium frets, Fender© licensed headstock with a thin satin nitrocellulose finish.

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Lindy Fralin Strat Neck FEATURES:

We’ve all heard the “magic” is in the wood and I have come to believe this. Get a light, resonant body and you will have the feel and sound of the earliest vintage guitars.

“To my ears a bigger neck improves the tone of most guitars. The wound strings get brighter and the plain strings get more solid. After buying several “baseball bat” necks and then shaping them between gigs a little at a time I have come up with a neck shape that is big but comfortable.” ~ Lindy Fralin

For those who want to further shape these necks or take the finish off the back, I recommend setting the guitar up and playing it for a while then removing a small amount of wood then playing it some more. I used the Stewart-McDonald scraper, then 400, 600, grit sandpaper followed by spray sanding sealer or satin nitrocellulose and let it dry overnight.


Lindy Fralin Strat Neck



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  1. Doug Newnham (verified owner)

    I like the action of this neck but the tele neck has a detter grip action for lead but still feels good fretting is good not much file work needed

  2. Matt Boren

    I put mine on a crappy plywood bodied ‘Silvertone’ knockoff and with y’alls vintage hots, it woke that thing up like crazy!!!! Now getting an ash body ready for it. Look out!!

  3. players4players guitars

    i have built and sold over 10 fralin big neck strats and teles. this neck gives the players the ability to shape it to other fender shapes i.e. hard and soft v,60’s oval, 50’s big neck and what I call a big comtfy c shape to play which leaves the shoulders on the neck to ease that stress from your thumb to index fingers[I’m sure some big handed players can relate] coupled with set of just the best by test hand wound pups in the biz and you have yourself a winning combo for any guitarist. Any of you thinking about a big neck don’t wait get it and once you play rest assured you won’t be picking up your skinny girl necks anymore. big necks rule. 5 stars

  4. Mark Podell (verified owner)

    Great increase in tonality and sustain.

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