Lindy Fralin Strat Neck

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    These necks are all rock maple, 9 1/2 inch radius, medium frets, Fender© licensed headstock with a thin satin nitrocellulose finish.

    Available! Estimated Lead Time: 2-3 Days


    Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


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    Lead Time

    A Lead Time of 2-3 Days is just an estimate. Lead Times are subject to change depending on the current shop capacity and size of the order. We will always try to complete your order quicker than the stated lead time.

    Lindy Fralin Strat Neck INFO:

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    Lindy Fralin Strat Neck FEATURES:

    We’ve all heard the “magic” is in the wood and I have come to believe this. Get a light, resonant body and you will have the feel and sound of the earliest vintage guitars.

    “To my ears a bigger neck improves the tone of most guitars. The wound strings get brighter and the plain strings get more solid. After buying several “baseball bat” necks and then shaping them between gigs a little at a time I have come up with a neck shape that is big but comfortable.” ~ Lindy Fralin

    For those who want to further shape these necks or take the finish off the back, I recommend setting the guitar up and playing it for a while then removing a small amount of wood then playing it some more. I used the Stewart-McDonald scraper, then 400, 600, grit sandpaper followed by spray sanding sealer or satin nitrocellulose and let it dry overnight.


    Lindy Fralin Strat Neck Dimensions


    Tech Specs

    Fretboard Material:Maple
    Neck Material:Maple
    Fingerboard Radius:9.5"
    Finish:Thin Satin Nitrocellulose
    Fretwire:Jim Dunlop 6260
    Truss Rod:Yes, Heel
    Thickness (at 1st fret):0.975"
    Thickness (at 12th fret):1"
    Approximate Weight:1.2 lbs / 550g

    Lindy Fralin Strat Neck Questions And Answers:


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      Hi! Do you offer right-handed strat necks only? Is it possible to order a left-handed one? Best regards!
    1. Q Hi! Do you offer right-handed strat necks only? Is it possible to order a left-handed one? Best r...... Read more

      Hey Sergey, as it turns out all we have is the Right-Handed version of this neck at this time.

    2. Do you have Fralin decals for the headstock as l would like to built a telecaster with the word Fralin on the head stock?
    3. Q Do you have Fralin decals for the headstock as l would like to built a telecaster with the word F...... Read more

      Hey Yngve we might have some still laying around. Please use the 'notes' field on the checkout screen to request, and we'll make it custom for you. Please note that custom orders and requests cannot be returned or exchanged.

    4. How much does it weigh?
    5. Q How much does it weigh?

      Hey John, sorry for the delay in this response:

      1.2 lbs / 550g

      - Tyler

    6. Can you build a neck with a .75 Nut width?
    7. Q Can you build a neck with a .75 Nut width?

      Hey David, thanks for your question. As it turns out, we cannot - these are CNC machined in bulk. I apologize for the inconvenience. - Tyler

    8. Can you also install the nut at your shop?
    9. Q Can you also install the nut at your shop?

      Hey Eric, as it turns out, we do not install the nut on our necks, this should be performed by a local luthier to fit your guitar.


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    10 Genuine Reviews for Lindy Fralin Strat Neck

    1. S. Khan
      Verified Buyer

      I purchased the Fralin Stratocaster neck last week and it has exceeded my expectations. I had played one recently and recognized that the specs are just about perfect for what I was after, so I ordered one for myself. A nice full feeling neck, with carved/shaped shoulders, so it doesn’t have the baseball bat feel. The carve, radius, and frets are just spot-on. I’ve played other necks that have a good carve, but are not thick enough. Then there are other necks that are simply just too thick and round. This Fralin neck is, to me, the perfect intermediary.

    2. Wyatt Knox
      Verified Buyer

      Fantastic neck, I’m not going to shave it down, love it as-is.

    3. Rob Theunissen

      ¨The neck is a vital part of the sound. People think that the body is the most important thing, but it´s not really. If you put a bad neck on a good body the guitar will sound bad, whereas if you put a good neck on an average or even a poor body it will work.¨ Rory Gallagher

      After experimenting with different quality parts on my partscaster strat (neck, tremolo, pickups, strings) I still wasn´t satisfied with the result. The guitar played well, sounded oke, but didn´t inspire much to anything more than collecting dust after a while. So I ordered a Fralin neck as a last attempt to put some life and character and soul into it.
      And I was overwhelmed!! It turned the guitar into the real thing. Woody, stable, tight basses, bright high´s, spanky, warm and full. Everything I like in a strat. Great! We all know that the proof of an inspiring instrument is the fact that you can´t put it down and keeps on putting a smile on your face everytime you hit the strings. It does and is by far my favorite electric guitar now. Love it.

    4. Tao
      Verified Buyer

      Great neck and good value. It is a full, big neck, so know that going in. There is also quite a bit of luthier work to do. Nut installation, finish removal from frets, rolling the edges, and most importantly (and difficult for some) drilling the mounting holes. I had no trouble doing the work. If you are unfamiliar with the techniques required, just have your local luthier finish it up. The overall quality is great, and Lindy’s customer service staff was very helpful!

    5. antoon hermans

      Well , like i said in my review on the tele style neck from lindy ( 2 jan 2021 ) , i really love these necks . My fender american original 50’s strat has an soft v shape neck on it , wich i also really like , so i didn’t want to replace that neck , but lately i bought an squire bullet strat wich i then upgraded with fender tex mex pu’s and offcourse an lindy frailin strat neck , and yes , it play’s and sounds great ! I bought the neck at the same place where i also bought the tele neck : Haar guitars in the netherlands . My tele and “parts” strat are keepers now , wich has a lot to do with these great necks from lindy , i’m even thinking about selling the expensive fender strat now : ) .

    6. Dirk Sichel

      My first Strat was a 62′ from a pawn shop in 1975. Totally beat but that tone became ingrained in my head. Sold it for a Gibson because it was too thin (I was learning to play). Ten years ago I was considering paying big bucks for a 1965 Strat and decided to build instead. Best thing I ever did…..I would never buy a Fender style factory instrument again.
      Lindy is doing what Leo showed us….only better. Listen to him closely if you want that tone.
      Real 54’s to Vintage Hots nail the 50’s and then 60’s Strat tones. Add the big neck with a flatter radius and bigger frets. Next trick is a light swamp ash body. Last but not least is the tailpiece/Tremelo. Callaham makes a cold pressed steel hardtail or Tremelo. These are critical nodal points and pot castings suck the tone where cold pressed steel lets it ring.
      Fat necks, light bodies, Fralin pickups and Callaham hardware can create guitars equal or better than these legend tones people crave and pay big bucks. I’ve built 5 and have two in construction now. Hardtail Strat should be coming in around 6 lbs with Vintage Hots. All of my Masterbuilds are under 7 lbs. I don’t sell them I play them. Lindy is right !

    7. Doug Newnham
      Verified Buyer

      I like the action of this neck but the tele neck has a detter grip action for lead but still feels good fretting is good not much file work needed

    8. Matt Boren

      I put mine on a crappy plywood bodied ‘Silvertone’ knockoff and with y’alls vintage hots, it woke that thing up like crazy!!!! Now getting an ash body ready for it. Look out!!

    9. players4players guitars

      i have built and sold over 10 fralin big neck strats and teles. this neck gives the players the ability to shape it to other fender shapes i.e. hard and soft v,60’s oval, 50’s big neck and what I call a big comtfy c shape to play which leaves the shoulders on the neck to ease that stress from your thumb to index fingers[I’m sure some big handed players can relate] coupled with set of just the best by test hand wound pups in the biz and you have yourself a winning combo for any guitarist. Any of you thinking about a big neck don’t wait get it and once you play rest assured you won’t be picking up your skinny girl necks anymore. big necks rule. 5 stars

    10. Mark Podell
      Verified Buyer

      Great increase in tonality and sustain.

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