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    Need to upgrade your guitar’s electronics? Our convenient parts kits feature all the guitar electronics you need to get your guitar to the fullest potential!


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    Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


    We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn About Lead Choice

    Fralin Parts Kit INFO:

    Want to learn more about our Fralin Parts Kit? Here's all the information you'll need:

    Fralin Parts Kit FEATURES:

    Fralin Parts Kit: Guitar Parts Made Easy. We make some seriously good-sounding pickups. But, your guitar’s pickups are still at the mercy of your guitar’s electronics. Putting Boutique Pickups through cheap electronics is like driving a Porsche on donut tires. Your guitar deserves better. Thankfully, the Fralin Parts Kit comes to the rescue. The Lindy Fralin Parts Kits include all of the high-end guitar parts and electronics you need to take your guitar to the next level.

    Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the work for you. We’ve assembled all our preferred electronics into one convenient package! By purchasing one of our Parts Kits, you’ll equip yourself with every part you need to get your guitar sounding its’ best.


    We’re using the finest ingredients we can get. All parts are shipped loose. You’ll get replacement CTS® Pots, a CRL® Switch, a Switchcraft® Output Jack, and all the Vintage Cloth Stranded wire you need to wire it back up. As a bonus, you’ll receive (3) different cap values so you can experiment!

    Basic Strat Kit Blender Pot Strat Kit Basic Tele Kit
    (3) 250K CTS® Pots (2) 250K CTS® Pots (2) 250K Solid Shaft CTS® Pots
    (1) CRL® 5-Way Switch (1) CRL® 5-Way Switch (1) CRL® 3-Way Switch
    (1) Switchcraft® Output Jack (1) Switchcraft® Output Jack (1) Switchcraft® Output Jack
    (3) Tone Cap Values (0.02mfd, 0.05mfd, Magic Cap (3) Tone Cap Values (0.02mfd, 0.05mfd, Magic Cap (3) Tone Cap Values (0.02mfd, 0.05mfd, Magic Cap
    2 Feet Each of Black & White Wire 2 Feet Each of Black & White Wire 2 Feet Each of Black & White Wire
    Fralin Blender Pot


    1. I don’t see the exact kit I’m looking for? We will be adding more kits in the future, but this is what we have at the moment. You can purchase parts a la carte on our Parts & Accessories page.
    2. Can you omit items I don’t need for a lower price? As it turns out, no. Our kits are designed to “grab and ship.”
    3. Can you wire something for me? No. These are simply parts kits. The Blender Pot is prepped, but not wired to the switch. If you want something pre-wired, check out our Prewired Pickguards and Telecaster Control Plates.
    4. Wiring Diagrams? Here!

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    We don't have Tech Specs at the moment, but we will have them up soon!

    Fralin Parts Kit FAQ's

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    At this time, there are no FAQ's...yet.


    15 Genuine Reviews for Fralin Parts Kit

    1. Ricardo Paranos
      Verified Buyer

      Excellent kit at a affordable price, thanks

    2. Sam Finley
      Verified Buyer

      Customer added no additional comments

    3. Alan Doucette
      Verified Buyer

      Get These With Your Pickups

      After trying the Strat parts set with my Fralin Strat pickups, guy I had install them said they were the best pots & switches he’s seen, better than Fender stock. Same thing with the Tele set. Fralin is the king of quality!

    4. Carlos Ortiz
      Verified Buyer

      AWESOME! This kit has everything you need and then some everything is high quality and the customer service is incredible

    5. Mark Szul
      Verified Buyer

      Very cool. You suggested putting my out-of-phase pup in the neck position, but I’d already wound one for the neck, so I wound the bridge ccl. I didn’t realize with the switch in the 2 and 4 positions I would have all three pups working. I over-wound the middle pup. I don’t like it. It’s waxed, but I think I can still strip some coils off, right? I thought the diagram seemed odd using one side of the switch, but it was quick and simple and everything works. So, thanks for your help and advice.

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