Fralin Parts Kit


Need to upgrade your guitar’s stock electronics? Our convenient pre-made kits feature all the parts you need to get your guitar to the fullest potential!


Fralin Parts Kit:

Upgrades Made Easy.

We make some seriously good-sounding pickups. But, your guitar’s pickups are still at the mercy of your guitar’s electronics. Putting Boutique Pickups through cheap electronics is like driving a Porsche on donut tires. Your guitar deserves better. Thankfully, the Fralin Parts Kit comes to the rescue. 
Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the work for you. We’ve assembled all our favorite electronics into one convenient package! By purchasing one of our Parts Kits, you’ll equip yourself with every part you need to get your guitar sounding its’ best.
Our Parts Kits feature the top-quality components you’d come to expect from Fralin Pickups. Our Parts Kits include CRL Switches, CTS Pots, and USA-Made Vintage Cloth Wire. Furthermore, you can choose from a couple of modified options to suit your needs.


  • The Fralin Parts Kit includes all the parts you need, for convenience
  • USA-Made parts and accessories
  • (3) different Tone Caps included, great for experimenting
  • Perfect for hobbyists and experimenting
  • Fast shipping


We’re using the finest ingredients we can get. All parts are shipped loose. You’ll get replacement CTS® Pots, a CRL® Switch, a Switchcraft® Output Jack, and all the Vintage Cloth Stranded wire you need to wire it back up. As a bonus, you’ll receive (3) different cap values to experiment with!

Parts Kit Contents


  1. I don’t see the exact kit I’m looking for? We will be adding more kits in the future, but this is what we have at the moment. You can purchase parts a la carte on our Parts & Accessories page.
  2. Can you omit items I don’t need for a lower price? As it turns out, no. Our kits are designed to simply “grab and ship”.
  3. Can you wire something for me? No. These are simply parts kits. The Blender Pot is prepped, but not wired to the switch. If you want something pre-wired, check out our Prewired Pickguards and Telecaster Control Plates.
  4. Wiring Diagrams? Here!



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