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Fralin’Tron Covers Now In Stock

Shipping Now!

Our newest addition to our Fralin’Tron pickups has finally arrived – our branded “FRALIN – EST. 1989” covers are now in stock and shipping in Gold, Chrome, and Nickel! Check them out here:

We’re incredibly excited to add our Fralin’Tron to our extensive line of Guitar Pickups. If you haven’t heard, our Fralin’Tron features a cleaner, more articulate tone due to Lindy’s unique design and unrelenting pursuit of cleaner, more articulate humbuckers.

Products Featured In This Update:

Fralin'Tron in Gold
It's finally here - our brand-new Fralin'Tron! Experience exceptional clarity and articulation in a Filter'Tron format with Lindy's unique Fralin'Tron design. Featuring a focused single-coil vibe with a rich, warm midrange and crisp attack, you'll wonder where this pickup has been all your life.
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