Lindy's Guitars

This "Jazzmaster" is a Warmoth body and bridge (with adjustable saddles), Allparts tremolo and roller, our big strat neck and 8400-9400 turns on the pickups. It turned out great. It has a bright but thick tone and the roller let's me play it hard if I want to.
This "Special" is made of Korina for a little extra brightness. The electronics are: volume, tone and blender plus switch. The pickups are stock output hum canceling P-90s. I also used another sawed off Bigsby. This guitar is really special!
This guitar is a Light Korina body and a big maple neck. Outfitted with 2 P-92s at 7,800 and 8,000 turns. The electronics are volume, tone and blender. The pickups are still very powerful even with these low number of turns. Somewhere between a normal single coil and a humbucker.
Surface mount ALNICO P-90's on a Kay Archtop for a clear bright tone.
This ES225 was located, restored and refinished by Terry Mueller of Illinois. Later re-fretted by Larry Fitzgerald of New York. The hum-cancelling P-90s are the -5% set. This guitar is a rockabilly monster.
This bass was a 50's Kay with a warped neck. All solid woods. I had a 31-1/2 inch scale neck made and installed a Fishman bridge and pre-amp. It plays easy and sounds somewhere between a Beatle bass and an upright.
This "V" was made by a local luthier, Tommy Rodriguez. It is all Korina with P-92's at 8200-9200 turns. The electronics are; volume, tone, blender and I utilized a sawed off Bigsby. Also, the headstock is 1/2 inch smaller and the body was shortened 3/4 inch. It plays perfect and sounds somewhere between a Fender and a Gibson.
This Tele came together amazingly with a light ash body and an oversized rounded "V" neck. The pickups are +2 stock neck and +5% bridge both with a hybrid stagger.