Directions for Installing a Baseplate on a Bridge Pickup

Baseplate Instructions

Step 1

Remove pick guard. It is not necessary to remove pickup if the bottom is perfectly flat. You may find that is also possible to leave all solder joints connected.
Baseplate Instructions

Step 2

Add a strip of masking tape to the bottom of the pickup. (From E magnet to E magnet). Using the height adjustment screws as a guide, place baseplate on the bottom of the pickup with the solder joint facing up and the grounding tab towards the eyelets in the pickup.
Fralin Baseplate Instructions

Step 3

Heat baseplate with soldering iron until wax runs clear. The baseplate will draw flush with the bottom of the pickup. Allow this to cool about three minutes. Wax will become cloudy again and will secure baseplate to pickup. There will be some smoke if using a soldering iron.
Fralin Baseplate Instructions

Step 4

Solder grounding tab to ground side pickup. (The black wire)

Be careful not to knock bassplate loose or you will have a bad case of microphonics. If this does occur just repeat the heating process and add a little wax between the pickup and plate if needed.

That's it...reinstall your pick guard and enjoy!

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