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Vintage Hot electric guitar pickups sound like a Stratocaster should. They are our best selling set. Vintage Hots have the most vintage sound – open and airy with lots of sparkle on top. Well-balanced, from lows to highs. This set is perfect for anyone looking for the purest vintage Strat tone.



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Vintage Hot Pickups: our best selling single coil set. Musicians looking for a sparkling, bright, and open sound will love the sound of these pickups. Vintage Hots give you balanced 50’s Tone: a smooth balance between bright and fat. Vintage Hots are fatter sounding than our Real 54’s, but not as dark as our Blues Specials. These pickups are era-authentic: wound with 42-gauge Formvar wire and built with AlNiCo V magnets. These guitar pickups sound smooth, balanced, and beautiful.

Our manufacturing process allows us to achieve unparalleled quality control. Our Vintage Hots consist of local fiberboard and USA-Made Alnico 5 Magnets. We wind each pickup by hand, one at a time. Each pickup is wound using our proprietary “Sectioning” technique. Our Sectioning Technique gives the pickup a sweet, bright tone. Finally, we wax-pot the pickup to preserve the pickup and prevent microphonics.

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  • Modified Vintage Fender specifications, with modern output
  • Bright, clean tone with balance across lows and highs
  • USA-made Alnico 5 Magnets for optimal tonal balance and output
  • RW/RP Middle for Hum-Cancelling in Positions 2 & 4
  • Two magnet staggers available for different fingerboard radiuses
  • Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone
  • Hand-built fiberboard Bobbins for unrivaled quality control
  • 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects



Vintage Hots sparkle and sound very open and clear without sounding “tinny” or glassy. Clean or dirty, these pickups sound big and full, with an even balance of Bass, Middle, and Treble. The tone cuts through with distortion – while remaining very dynamic and thick.

Expect a clear low-end and an acute attack. Single notes cut through with ease, while chords have an excellent string-to-string definition. For a similar tone with no hum, consider using our

Split Blade Strat Pickups.

Vintage Hots - Tonal Graph


    1. What Magnet Stagger Do I Use? It all depends on your fingerboard radius. If you have a 7.25″ – 9.5″ Radius, we recommend going with Stock Stagger. If you have 10″ radius or flatter, including compound radius, go with a Hybrid stagger.
    2. What’s the difference between Blues Specials and Vintage Hots? Blues Specials have more turns per pickup – they sound thicker and darker, with more output than Vintage Hots. Vintage Hots sound cleaner, clearer, and a tad bit more balanced.
    3. How far away from the strings does the pickup need to be? Push your Low E String down at the highest fret. Measure from the top of the pole piece to the bottom of the string. The ideal starting location should be 1/8″ on the bass string, and 1/16″ on the treble string when the High E string is pushed down at the highest fret.
    4. Wiring Diagrams? Here!




  • 42-Gauge Heavy Formvar Wire
  • USA-Made Alnico V Magnets.
  • 250K Pots Recommended.


Vintage Hots will read approximately 6K in the Neck and Middle, and 6.7K in the Bridge.

Fralin Strat Dimensions

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  1. A Linden (verified owner)

    Neck standard stagger. Soundwise everything it was said to be. Very easy to get that sweet gritty sound and still have clarity. Only drawback was that the white lead cable was quite short and since I bought the neck version it needed an extention. The black lead was longer and A OK!

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