Quick-Ship Prewired Pickguard


Available in limited quantities: We have 10 Prewired Pickguards ready to ship. Each pickguard features our Vintage Hots, 5-Way Switch, a Master Tone, and a Blender Pot.


Act Fast Before They’re Gone.

Get Lindy’s Favorite Prewired Pickguard, Fast! We have the following limited quantities in stock: (4) Black 3-Ply. And with only $8 shipping, you can rest assured that we will get this pickguard out to you, fast!


  1. Vintage Hots with Stock Stagger and Matching Covers
  2. 5-Way CRL Switch
  3. 250K CTS® Master Volume Pot
  4. 250K CTS® Master Tone Pot (0.02 mfd Cap)
  5. Blender Pot
  6. Pickguard Mounting Screws Included