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Are you still searching for that noiseless P90 tone that sounds like a real P90? Your search has ended: introducing the Fralin Hum Cancelling P90. With a unique coil design and magnet structure, the Fralin Hum Cancelling P90 provides a versatile, hum-free tone that cleans up and gets dirty, with plenty of articulation and clarity. Read more to find your guitar’s real voice:


Pickup Cover (Required) * 

Please choose how you want your pickups to look in your guitar.

Shim for Dogears

Gold Screws (Optional)

We can use Gold Screws to give your pickups a different look for a small up-charge. Not necessary if you selected Gold Covers.

Pickguard-Mounted Soapbar?

Most Soapbar Pickups are height-adjusted with screws that thread into the body.

Some Soapbar Pickups are mounted on the pickguard via a screw on either side. (Modern Les Paul Junior Tribute, Soapbar-equipped SG’s) Check this box if your guitar requires this modification. You’ll get 2 tabs to slip on the mounting tabs for threading your screws. Available in Gibson-Spacing only.


All P90, No Hum.

Want to learn more about our Hum-Cancelling P90? Here's all the information you'll need:

Hum-Cancelling P90 FEATURES:

  • Lindy Fralin Original Design: True P90 Tone, No Hum
  • Multiple Outputs available for fine-tuning your Pickup’s voice
  • Strong and bold – lots of midrange and snarl
  • USA-made Neodymium Magnets for aggressive tone and output
  • Compensated Bridge for even volume across all pickups
  • Adjustable USA-Made Steel Pole pieces for fine-tuning string balance
  • Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone
  • Hand-built for unrivaled quality control
  • Backed by our 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Risk-Free 30-day exchange policy


The Fralin Hum Cancelling P90 is one of the best-selling models we make, and it’s easy to see why. Genuine P90 tone and dead-quiet performance? What’s not to love? 

Whether you play Rock, Jazz, Country, R&B, or Funk, you will undoubtedly stand out in the mix with the pronounced pick attack, crystal-clear lows, and round highs. And the best part? Zero hum. Available in a Soapbar, Dogear, and Humbucker, you can rest assured knowing you can get the Fralin P90 tone in any guitar you have.


There are a few ways to cancel out the hum in a pickup. Some manufacturers feature a “stacked” coil design, which we believe leads to a lifeless and dull tone that lacks character. Lindy’s Hum Cancelling P90 features a Side-by-side coil design that is not stacked and attains a more accurate P90 tone that actually sounds like a P90.

Expect a vintage-voiced P90 tone, with a slightly thicker midrange and rounder highs. This pickup will undoubtedly push your amp hard and provide that snarly midrange and top-end “bark” we have come to expect from a P90. Suitable for many music styles, this pickup can scream and clean up nicely for jazz or blues.

Going even further, you can customize your tone by selecting Overwound and Underwound options. By overwinding a pickup, the tone gets thicker, darker, and dirtier. By underwinding a pickup, the pickup gets clearer and more articulate.

Speaking of versatility, are you looking for a jazzier tone? We can use Alnico 6 Magnets to taper the highs even more and offer you a softer sound. Are you searching for a cleaner and more Fender sparkle? Check out our Alnico Rod Version that features Alnico Rods for a Fender-type sparkle.

Our manufacturing process allows us to achieve unparalleled quality control.

Hum-Cancelling P90s consists of 100% USA-Made parts, including a precision injection mold, USA-Made Steel Screws, and Neodymium magnets. We use aggressive USA-Made Neodymium magnets to make this model scream. Each bobbin is carefully inspected and cleaned before winding.

We wind each pickup by hand, one at a time, using our proprietary “Sectioning” technique, which gives the pickup a sweet, clear tone. Finally, we wax-pot the pickup to prevent microphonics and preserve the pickup for years to come.



Tonal Graph for Hum-Cancelling P90:

The tone graph below for our Hum-Cancelling P90 features Lows, Midrange, Highs, and general Output.



Listen to our friend Mike Hermans play our Hum Cancelling P90, only in a soapbar format.



Tech Specs

See below for the estimated DCR and Polarity Information for our Hum-Cancelling P90.

The phase of this pickup is reversible with 2-Conductor With Shield lead.

Neck Ohm Reading (Stock):15.5K*
Bridge Ohm Reading (Stock):16.8K*
Neck Polarity:Reversible with 2-Conductor Lead
Bridge Polarity:Reversible with 2-Conductor Lead
Magnet:USA-Made Bonded Neodymium
Wire:USA-Made 43 Gauge Single Poly Nylon
Bobbin Material:USA-Made Nylon Injection Mold
Recommended Pot Value:500K
String Spacing:50mm

* Due to the unique design of this pickup, ohm readings aren't very helpful. Our Stock Set is close to the Vintage P90 output.



  1. What’s the tonal difference between this and your Stock P90The Hum Cancelling P90 is slightly louder, darker, and thicker. It’s quicker to break up, and has no hum!
  2. What output do I choose? Our most popular set is the Stock Neck & Bridge. Going with a +5% output from Stock will thicken and darken the tone. Going with a -5% will clean up and reduce the midrange, making it sound more articulate and clear.
  3. What lead do I choose? This depends on your guitar and a few other things. Gibson Lead: Go with this if installing a set into a Gibson-style instrument, where each pickup has its respective volume pot. 2-Conductor: Go with this lead if buying a Single, or installing into a Fender-style instrument.
  4. What’s the String Spacing? 49.5mm.
  5. I don’t see what I’m looking for? We can do some custom work, for sure. However, we’re not tooled-up for certain things, like Nickel Dogear Covers. Contact us if you’re not seeing something you’re looking for.
  6. How far away from the strings does the pickup need to be? Push your Low E String down at the highest fret. Measure from the top of the pole piece to the bottom of the string. The ideal starting location should be 1/8″ on the bass string, and 1/16″ on the treble string when the High E string is pushed down at the highest fret.
  7. Wiring Diagrams? Here!


Fralin Dogear Spacing & Sizing

Hum-Cancelling P90 Questions And Answers:

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  1. Ernesto Gutierrez Verified Buyer

    P90’s you need to get

    Mr. Fralin was kind enough to make time for me. We spoke of the guitar type and wiring. After discussing the request. We came to an agreement on the overall construction. Hard to put into several sentences how dynamic and tonal flexible these P90’s are. I’ve owned many types of pickups. Noiseless, Vintage, Singles, Hums, Active… I have to say these are a whole other monster…and I mean a tone Monster. You can get almost any tone you are looking for out of a P90 type pickup when you learn to adjust the height and poll pieces for your guitar. Just amazing. Thank you Mr. Fralin

  2. Howard Markman

    Hi, I have a Reverend Charger 290 (limited w/Bigsby) with two of their version of P90s. I would like to replace them with two of your Hum-Cancelling p90s. Could you tell me if your p/u’s will fit and if so which spacing I should order. I’ve already have two of my guitars set up with your pickups (one Strat and one Nashville Tele) they both sound amazing and have served me well on many a gig and recording session. So thank you for making me sound good. Thanks, -How

    • Tyler Delsack (store manager)

      Hey Howard – Our Stock P90 spacing will work just fine! I see you have a Tune-O-Matic style bridge. Double-check the string spacing to be sure, but that should be 50mm, which is our standard spacing. The only thing that’s important to know is to choose 2-Conductor with Shield lead. This makes it a lot easier to install on Tele / Fender-style configurations where you’re wiring to the switch first.

  3. Nick Alexander Verified Buyer

    WOW! Just WOW. I have been a (hot) P90 adherent for the last 20 years and was a bit skeptical of any P90 that purports to be “hum-cancelling” that will still sound like a P90, but this thing does AND breathes fire! I got the 5% overwound, and couldn’t ask for anything more in a P90. This through my KTR , into my Marshall JMP 50 is heavenly. Thank y’all SO MUCH! I could not more highly recommend this pup. Cheers!

  4. Matthew Rennie Verified Buyer

    Amazing Tone – Clean and warm, can be used in most applications. I like playing it in the neck position with a little chorus pedal for flavor. Sounds amazing.

  5. JP Verified Buyer

    Mind Blown! Awesome Pickup for my 2019 LP Junior! I previously had it stock, then with a humbucker, and now this Fralin Hum-Cancelling P90 [I did the +5% version]. This one really goes when you turn it up, esp with an overdrive. Even better with a MK II tonebender Fuzz! But it still cleans up nicely when you roll off the volume–makes for a smooth, sweet, and creamy “Blue Sky” by ABB. It is the Classic P90 sound but uplifted. Indeed the 60-cycle hum is eliminated!! I will admit that I was a bit skeptical, but definitely the best thing I could do for my Junior. Worth every penny. Thank you Fralin Team! 6 stars!

  6. Greg Tinsley Verified Buyer

    Silent p90

    Excellent choice great p90 sound no hum,I installed this pick ups for a customer who does a lot of shows musicals ect . He can not have any hum noise on stage or stage manager goes crazy.these did the trick while sounding great

  7. Norman Whiteside Verified Buyer

    P90s for Casino project
    I received the hum-canceling P90s with the nickel covers and I am impressed with the look, quality, and customer service. Thanks for making such a high quality great sounding pickup!

  8. Erik Hoogstad Verified Buyer

    The Best
    I am determined to upgrade my 2020 Fender Mustang. I put Lindy Fralin hum canceling P-90’s in her. I put Graph tech saddles, nut, string tree and, Fender locking tuners on her. Her mane is hope and, everybody in the neighborhood loves how she sounds out of my Fender Hotrod Deville tube amp. I’m sharpening my axe. She’s almost there. “Thank you!”

  9. Jeff Senn

    Great “feeling” pickup
    What a great alternative to a standard P-90, clearer, twangier, and wonderful feel and touch dynamics. On top of all of that goodnes? Quiet as can be. A real winner!

  10. David Lee Verified Buyer

    Just what the doctor ordered for my custom tele build

  11. Zane Parry Verified Buyer

    I’m in heaven!
    Ordered a custom hun-canceling P-90 and couldn’t be more satisfied. I have a Jared James Epi Les Paul. It sounded great but was to noisy and I don’t have the ability or playing situation to play loud enough to get away from the hum.
    The Fralin Hum-Cancelling P-90 did the job. True P-90 growl with no hum.
    It’s an amazing pickup!

  12. Matt Wellendorf Verified Buyer

    If you’re skeptical as I was, don’t be. I did my research including listening to a podcast with LF where he goes in to detail on the development of this pickup. The nerdery that went in to this is amazing. Hignly recommend.

  13. Tim Fulton Verified Buyer

    P/U upgrade to 2019 Gibson LP Special
    I found the stock Gibson p/u just ok so I spent some time researching for an upgrade. I choose Fralin and was able to customize to the sound and look I wanted. This upgrade was worth every penny and this guitar is now my number one.

  14. Craig Bach Verified Buyer

    I could not say enough good things about working with Lindy. He spent time with me selecting the right pickup. It sounds insanely good and looks beautiful.

    I highly recommend these pickups and working with Lindy! Thank You!!!

  15. Brian Zarbatany Verified Buyer

    epi junior – Purchased my Epi Junior knowing I was going to change the pick up. I play more punk style and when I e-mailed customer service they said to go with 5% over wound. At first I thought it was too hot but then I realized it was the way to go because it gives me more options! I keep my volume up for solos, rolled off slightly for rhythm and rolled back it cleans up great. Completely satisfied with the hum-cancel dog ear p-90

  16. Gerard Dabda Verified Buyer

    Hum Cancelling P90: Best, quietest, bluesiest, P90 I’ve ever played. Could not be happier!

  17. Thomas McDonald Verified Buyer

    Hum cancelling P90’s on 67′ SG Special
    I put these in my 1967 Gibson SG Special and they sound fantastic. They clean up, they growl when cranked, and everything in between. I was looking for a pup that bring out the guitar’s great resonance and thats just what these do! Tommy Mac

  18. James Lowery Verified Buyer

    Beautiful sounding pickup!! Top notch service!!

  19. Howard Stock Verified Buyer

    Truly Excellent Clarity and Definition
    My hum-cancelling P-90 has turned my most affordable guitar—a PRS SE One—into my new favorite. It has all the characteristics of a Gibson P-90 with the addition of truly excellent clarity and definition.

  20. Rob Rich Verified Buyer

    Great pickup and workmanship! Bridge position in my 2019 Gibson SG special (iommi inspired). Sounds so great and no hum. Actual metal cover and not plated plastic. Top notch workmanship, great price!

  21. Michael Ginesi Verified Buyer

    Hum-canceling P90 with A6 magnet – terrific sound with crystal clear note definition. I installed in a Gibson 1965 es 225. This has the pickup mid way between neck and bridge – so a little odd placement. The strings send a clear solid note to the pickups and the entire guitar vibrates against my stomach… dynamite sound quality – with this position there is a little more treble than if it was by the neck – not a bad thing for most music – not as bright as if it was in the bridge. I have a standard Lind Fralin P90 in a Lohr 301 [like an es 125] and the sound is very similar – but the A6 is a little bit cleaner, clearer. good pickup!

  22. Michael Freese Verified Buyer

    Another Great Fralin Product! Rock n’ Roll Rudeness without the dang noise! Sweet tones at more modest settings – versatile!

  23. Barton Turner Verified Buyer


    I bought the bridge version of this pickup for a telecaster build I was completing to pair with an Alnico Rod version in the neck position. I was on the fence between this and the Alnico Rod version in the bridge, but ultimately with this one because I didn’t want the bridge pickup to be too bright. It delivered tone in spades, but I found it didn’t have enough top-end for my application. It sounded wonderful, with a very ‘chewy’ midrange and great note definition, but it just wasn’t right for the sound I was trying to achieve. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to exchange it for an alnico rod model, which I will review in the appropriate space. I will absolutely use this model in a future build when I want a more traditional P90 sound.

  24. John Dziekan Verified Buyer

    My Ideal P90’s
    Let me first say that Lindy, you are a true genius! I got a PRS Korina McCarty Soapbar several years ago, love the guitar (it weighs 6.2 pounds) and it feels so comfortable to play. But, I felt the stock P90’s just didn’t suit my taste. After a lot of research, I decided to give Lindy Fralin Pickups a call and actually got Lindy on the phone. After telling Lindy what I was looking for, he suggested the Hum-Cancelling P90 set. I ordered them and installed them in the McCarty. WOW, it’s like I have a new guitar! The sound is exactly what I was looking for, clear, articulate, crisp. Playing the Hum-Canceling P90 equipped McCarty through my Princeton Reverb is very rewarding with the tone I never thought possible! Thanks, Lindy!!

  25. Jerome Duvigneau Verified Buyer

    Customer added no additional comments

  26. Brian Alcorn Verified Buyer

    I’ll make this simple, these are the best sounding, quietest P90’s I’ve ever heard. Amazing tone, responsiveness, and control. Also, just an incredible team to deal with at Lindy Fralin, from Lindy to everyone there, amazing support and service!

  27. Mark Kane Verified Buyer

    Hum-canceling overwound P-90: Excellent pickup and sounds great and perfect for my purposes. Great work!

  28. Howland Bickerstaff

    I have a stacked P-90 with a 10% overwind in an old 50’s Gretsch Lap steel. I get more compliments on my tone…I can leave the tone wide open or roll it off a touch to fatten it up a bit…
    I’m about to get a pair with a little underwind in the neck and a little overwind in the bridge to put in a Gibson Blues Hawk. Can’t wait to hear them after they’re installed…

  29. Walter Van Horn Verified Buyer

    Love That P90 Hum-Canceling Pickup! I would like you to know how pleased I am with your Hum Canceling P90 pickup. I have my Les Paul Jr. put together and playing. I couldn’t be happier with the sound of the pickup, and NO HUM. Walter (Bill) Van Horn

  30. Dennis Hull Verified Buyer

    Amazing as usual!
    Perfect blend of humbucker and single coil tones without the hum! I love these pickups. Very articulate and clear but also nasty at the same time. Beautiful clean tones and classic overdriven tones! I’m a Fralin pickups addict. I am blessed to have 4 great guitars and having Fralins in each of them make them 4 Absolutely Awesome guitars! Thanks to Lindy and the Whole team. Each person is so important and they are all what makes this such a great company!!

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